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You can spend anything from a few hundred to many thousands of euros on furnishings. All the offers may seem identical, as they all promise creativity and quality. So how do you find the real value furnishing solution? And how can you find the best furnishing supplier?

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To help you decide, let us tell you about our solutions and answer the questions we are most frequently asked. These are our answers. We don't claim they are absolute truths, just our truths. If you are not satisfied with these short answers or want to know more, just click on the answers for more details. That way, you can't say we don't try to help! In the end, birds of a feather will flock together.

OK, but how much does a stand cost?
It depends.
It's impossible to give one figure for all types of stand.
And just giving a “starting from” figure is hardly professional, in our opinion.
Making an offer for a furnishing solution is a difficult, meticulous job.
And we want to be precise before we start, and not just after.
Is the quote free?
Of course.
We are always delighted to give a quote and do our best to respond with the utmost professionalism.
Our quotes are always "without obligation". There is no commitment on your part, just commitment on ours.
We want to make just one, clear promise.
Must I give a pre-defined budget?
Yes, please
Give us a lever long enough and we can move the world!
Knowing your budget helps, but it is not essential.
It helps us to optimise our proposal, choose materials, personalise finishes, and be faster, more accurate and more efficient in preparing our quote.
But if you haven't decided on a budget yet, we can prepare a preliminary analysis of the space and requirements involved and propose the most suitable and feasible solution.
We put our own image on the line to promote yours.That way we feel part of the result.
I've never exhibited at a trade fair before. Can you do everything?
…We can handle everything for you.
We're sure you've heard many times that “…we act as sole supplier for every phase, from briefing to completion…”?
Well, we say it too. We've been doing everything for years, for companies in all areas of business, so we know exactly what's needed to assist you and make sure everything goes smoothly.
Don’t worry, be happy…
When should I start preparing?
The sooner...
The imagination may have wings, but in practice, making things takes time.
It's never too early to start if you want to get everything right, down to the smallest detail.
Flexibility, accuracy and punctuality are our strengths and we always try to satisfy.
So, if you're ready, let's go!
I don't have any drawings. Can you come up with some ideas?
We have used up thousands of pencils working on drawings .
Today we work in 3D software, but those old pencils form a valuable collection, because we are incurable romantics.
Come and see us and we'll show them to you, with no ulterior motives (they're not etchings after all!).
First we want to listen, understand and identify what's important.
Then we can create the necessary associations between the way your image is projected and its true value, between plans and materials, between the useful and the beautiful.
I've got drawings already. Can you work to them?
Of course.
You might call it our ‘core business’. We see it as our daily bread.
Think of us as ‘personal builders’ who understand the values and objectives of your ideas, who can support you in realising your own furnishing project and take care of all the little details.
We respect your ideas faithfully and attentively and finish every space with the experience, practicality and artisan creativity that your business deserves.
Do you supply ready-made stands?
Ask us for anything. But not a ready-made stand.
We don't like standard, impersonal solutions.
We like things that amaze and tell a story.
We like challenges.
It's a question of value, not of cost. We believe that only original ideas can convey your uniqueness.
Anything else is just too boring.
Can you help us with all the paperwork for the exhibition?
No problem.
Sand paper is not the only type of paper we work with. We can help you deal with other kinds of paperwork too, so there's no need to worry.
We can help you prepare documents, contact offices, obtain authorisations, and handle all the other aspects of trade fairs and exhibitions in Italy or abroad.
We want you to feel sure and confident.
I need to show a video. What solutions can you offer?
How big does the screen need to be? Figures are important, whether they are inches, lumen or Watts.
Audio systems, projectors, video walls, light panels, lights, special furnishings. We can provide the most suitable technical support for ensuring spectacular communications!
Can you create a welcoming atmosphere?
Have a look at our catalogue of designer furnishings and complements to find what's most suited to your style.
We can design and construct special, tailor-made furnishings to add character and personality to your display and reception areas.
Can you manage printing?
We can handle printing in all colours and all formats.
We use all available ideas and technology to make your image stand out, irrespective of size and surface.
What happens to my stand after the fair?
It lives on!
Since I've paid for it, can you pack it up for me to take home? Not exactly.
After the exhibition, we keep all the customised structures that can be re-used in another furnishing solution, while anything likely to deteriorate is recycled to ensure environmental sustainability.
So why should I choose you?
Find out
See above! There's more below too.
We are a team of friendly, sincere professionals whose main satisfaction lies in personal relationships.
We love working with people and sharing ideas and innovations.
And we always give that bit extra. We can't put a figure to it or describe it, but we always give it!
Any more questions?
We can't tell you everything about us in these few words.
We're sure you have plenty more questions to ask. And we've got more answers to give too.
Write a message.
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