Arkea | We build connections
We learned
our secrets
by looking at flowers.
Linea Arancione

Only the ephemeral lasts.
The beauty of our emotions never fades. The intangible become real, a colour, a surface, light, material, a symbol.
Just as a tiny flower holds the secret of time, growth and passion, so a perfectly furnished space tells a story and conveys an image, a sense, a vision.

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We create balance
between form and ideas.
We convey
values that outlive the
fleeting moment.
Appearance enchants;
idea and form find unity;
purpose, space and materials meet as one.
Everything we make is proportional to the image of man,
an image we always have in our minds.
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We like it,
to show you off.
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You'll agree that 80% of success is showing up? Woody Allen said it, not us. Somebody who has been riding high for over fifty years should know what they are talking about. The exact percentage is not important. Call it 75, 60 or 50 percent… It doesn't matter, the important thing is to agree on the substance, i.e. that form is substance. That is why ever since 1993, we at Arkea have been giving form to your ideas. We are artisans of the imagination, tailors of bespoke exhibition spaces, builders of solutions and connections.
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We are masters of our art.
We believe in lasting relations and professional images. We have been building strong connections for over 25 years, but we'll love your project as if it was our first. Because to grow any new relationship you need passion, empathy and feeling. It takes constant commitment and meticulous attention. No need for modesty, we are masters of our art. We work precisely but flexibly, focused on the needs and objectives of the task in hand, enthusiastic from the start. Thanks to this approach, we have built large exhibition stands for prestigious companies in many different sectors and supplied furnishing solutions to institutions, museums, exhibitions, art galleries, conferences and conventions in Italy and Europe and in countries like Russia, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.
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But we are losing ourselves in details.
Like Leonardo Da Vinci we believe that details define perfection, but perfection is not a detail. That's why we like spend time on details, obstinately and accurately. It's because we are passionate about each new project, about finding the perfect way to personalise every solution and about creating a space that communicates your image with the attention to detail that a unique work demands.
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We love
the world we live in.
We enjoy life, we love nature and personal relationships. That's why we are convinced we all need to do what we can to protect the environment and make sure the world we love will last. We are happy to work every day with a team of capable people who share our commitment to finding the most suitable solutions and materials, evenreused, in a virtuous circular economy and with a sense of responsibility towards our land and our community.
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Everything we make is
proportional to the image of man.
The image that's always
in your mind.

- Auguste Perret

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There's a solution to every requirement