An event, an exhibition, a trade fair: unique moments to showcase your value.
Opportunities not-to-be-missed to describe your company, your Brand, your ideas and write the story of a success.

With its timeliness, reliability and precision Ark. & A. is an excellent partner and creates a communication space for everyone, by providing exclusive and functional facilities and ensuring support and expertise throughout project implementation.
Ark. & A. designs spaces that amaze visitors and promote unique experiences by creating environments that are able to develop a relationship with the public.
The flexible and accurate organisation is able to tackle and solve any set-up need to consistently and effectively convey your corporate image and the image of your products. 
Ark. & A. has been operating in the trade fair and Exhibition Design sector for over 20 years by designing and setting up for trade shows, showrooms, exhibitions, exhibitors and designated retail areas.

Ark. & A.’s know-how stems from over 30 years of experience of its owners, professionals in the industry who brought together their expertise and previous experience in a single project.
Exclusive solutions designed and set up with full customisation and an entirely professional approach. 
Bespoke set-ups with solutions developed by our designers that reflect the communication and display needs of each client for excellent results adhering to your corporate lines.
A special focus on new communication strategies and the constant search for new exhibition approaches as a guarantee of innovation, quality and ongoing improvement.

Ark. & A., ideal solutions to design and make exhibition areas and Stands for any occasion.

Ark. & A. srl, always with an eye to the environment, promotes and encourages actions designed to reduce negative environmental impacts.

Ark. & A. carries out the following activities as part of its production cycle:


  • Recycling and recovery of material
  • Storage of material to reuse it
  • Use of water-based paint without using solvents
  • Extreme care during disposal
  • Efficient approach to design aiming at saving material
  • Use of low-consumption LED lighting
  • Partnership with local suppliers

In addition, more than 50% of the structure is intended for the recovery and regeneration of materials within a green economy perspective and a responsible approach towards the environment.