Munera, the gifts of Pius IX

Munera. The gifts of Pius IX The name of the exhibition, promoted by Senigallia’s Diocese at the Pinacoteca Diocesana di Arte Sacra, the Diocesan Sacred Picture Gallery.
The exhibition-event has brought together a wealth of extremely valuable gifts, the Munera, received by Pius IX during his pontificate.
Pius IX gave these gifts to families, towns and churches.
Fine jewellery and silken art are displayed in an exhibition featuring a high inherent value as well as the religious and symbolic value of individual items.
By going through Munera, visitors had to be amazed by the beauty of the items displayed and identify entirely with the complex figure of Pius IX.
The setup has pursued this objective by strategically placing the gifts in lit glass cases.
An essential, elegant project that would set the spotlight solely on the Munera and let them illustrate their own value.