Bruno Bruni – Andata & Ritorno

A Retrospective Exhibition of Bruno Bruni, the most famous Italian artist in Germany.
Andata e ritorno”, Return Ticket, following the penetrating and never trite artistic mark of Bruno Bruni.
From his début in Pesaro in the 1960s, his “outbound” journey to creativity that led him to new geographical places, to Germany, to his “return” journey almost half a century later, with a tribute to the town where his creative impulse began.
The exhibition has been arranged in the rooms of Palazzo Gradari in Pesaro and included a fine catalogue also containing a piece of writing by Renato Guttuso.
The real great muse for his art is the surrounding environment, the stimulus metabolised by the soul, that which strikes the eye and mind.
The set-up of the exhibition area has taken into account the content of Bruni’s art and his pictorial sensitivity, seeking to mediate between the value of the paintings and the need to enjoy them easily and immediately, the need for an effortless pathway among the artist’s Works.